We are the Social Bees. We help business owners identify the right digital marketing strategies that are proven to bring in their most ideal clients right at their doorstep; ready to buy.

We do this through social media growth hacks, tactics, and tools in REAL TIME. We setup a customized, proven, step-by-step process to get hot leads ON-DEMAND for our clients.

As digital marketing strategist & coach with 15 years of combined experience in sales & marketing and Technology, we’ve generated leads for brands using Facebook, Landing Pages, and Marketing Automation!

If you want to build an authentic brand online and get leads organically and attract clients that you truly want to serve, you’re in the right place.

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We Specialize Authentic Online Branding &
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The Core Team

JM D' Generous

Digital Coach

Joceyl Mismanos a.k.a. “JM D’ Generous” Help Trainers, Speakers, Coaches, Leaders & Entrepreneurs to Build an Authentic Digital Brand by providing the right Solution so that they Can Lead Better & Have a Positive Impact to their Own Community”.

JM has years of experience focused on IT Solutions, Training, Digital Coaching and Video Directing. JM had helped a lot of entrepreneurs all over Asia, UK and even US. JM has worked with corporations, co-trainers, speakers, top event organizers and celebrities creating them a customized IT Solutions. JM revealed her Secrets To Online Branding via her online masterclass and provide Digital Coaching to achieve the consistent presence online to attracting the right clients.

JM is passionate to provide a platform that aims to promote world class talents in ASIA (world champions, Speakers, Coaches and Business Leaders) as she loves helping others sharing their talents to through Authentic Online Branding.


Digital Strategist

Maria is helping digital brands and organisations to create and nurture their own community online through social media and content marketing. She has lots of colourful stories in her 15 years of hands-on experience in all levels of Marketing and Sales.

She is the founder of Expat Marketing Asia and Freevo Nation, the biggest furniture-sharing community in Singapore. Her Facebook group has grown from ZERO to 19,354 active members in more than 24 months and given away more than 7,500 free furniture as a form of recycling.

She is continuously experimenting on how to harness the speed and reach of social media to spread an idea, brand, cause, or movement that will bring people together and create positive change.

She is the official Moderator for Facebook Community Leadership Circles in Singapore, the Consul of Digital Marketing group of Internations and the Board Elect Director of Public Image of Rotary Club of Gardens City

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